11:30-15:30 CET

CSR & Finance and Banking


Location: Online

  • To Be Confirmed

    To Be Confirmed

    Associate Professor of Finance and Quantitative Methods, ALBA Business School

Learning Objectives

  • Current developments and trends in the area of Sustainable Finance.
  • Sustainable finance at the EU level as a supporting mechanism for the objectives of the European Green Deal.
  • Sustainability-related disclosure in the financial services sector.
  • Application of the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities and the EU Green Bond Standard.
  • Identification of business opportunities to issue green bonds and green loans.
  • Ways of implementation of sustainable finance mechanisms to a real-life investment case study.
  • The Principles for Responsible Banking.
  • Banking industry challenges and reengineering for the adaptation to the Principles for Responsible Banking.
  • Adapting business development to the Principles for Responsible Banking.

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