11:30-14:30 CET

Sustainable Finance and Banking: Reshaping Capitalism

By Dr. Jody Grewal (Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)

Location: Online

Contents of the lecture

  • Sustainability and access to capital: Growth in sustainable, responsible or impact investments; Sustainability and cost of equity capital, access to finance, borrowing terms; Investor reactions to mandated sustainability reporting in the EU.
  • Sustainability and capital market intermediaries: Financial analysts; Creditors; Auditors.
  • Financial Materiality of ESG: Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB); Evaluation of ESG by rating agencies & data providers; Preventing greenwashing and signaling ESG commitments; The business case of ESG communication.

Learning objectives

  • How investments in sustainability improve firms’ access to capital.
  • Information intermediaries take ESG into account in their investment recommendations.
  • Effective communication to the allocators of capital within an organization.

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