12:00-15:00 CET (Brussels time zone)

Future of Work

By Dr. Eleni Lamprou (Research Fellow, ALBA Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece)

Location: Online

  • Dr. Eleni Lamprou

    Dr. Eleni Lamprou

    Research Fellow, ALBA Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece


Sustainability as a key driver for the Future of Work

Learning objectives / outcomes:

To provide key insights on how we can develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in an ever-changing work environment, and unfolds around emerging trends with regards to the:

  • Utilization of technology, automation, and virtual reality.
  • Rise in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Importance of developing soft skills and the significance on valuable transferable skills.
  • Opportunities and challenges presented due to the imperative for sustainability.


  • Impact of technological advancements, economic factors, demographic patterns, societal norms and sustainability on the organization of work.
  • Repercussions on the labour market, competencies in demand and emerging working models / forms of work.
  • Scope of intervention of alternative stakeholders (institutions, organizations, individuals) in ensuring decent and sustainable work for all.

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