11:30-15:30 CET (Brussels time zone)

Sustainability Reporting & Disclosures

By tbc

Location: Online

  • To Be Confirmed

    To Be Confirmed

    Associate Professor of Finance and Quantitative Methods, ALBA Business School


To unfold around the fundamental practices that help boost mutual respect and collaboration in the era of disruption and digitalization, in order to build connections between servant leadership and sustainable leadership.

Learning objectives / outcomes:

  • Understand the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and explore the connection between the growth mindset and the servant mindset.
  • Explore the techniques, behaviors competencies connected with the growth mindset: curiosity, agility, openness, experimentation, vulnerability, dealing with risk and with failure, persistence, commitment and passion for continuous learning.
  • Reflect on the value of purpose as well as on the ways that they can co –create organizational and community contexts that promote value and purpose for sustainability, prosperity and growth.
  • To introduce Servant mindset, the values and competencies interrelating with it, as well as the core practices connected with a servant approach, such as empathizing, listening, unleashing the energy and intelligence of others, finding meaning, changing the pyramid from top to bottom, igniting growth and sharing foresight.


  • Review of how Mindsets impact on effectiveness.
  • The connection between Servant Leadership and Sustainable leadership.
  • Identifying Meaning and Purpose in organizational life.
  • Using emotional regulation strategies in leadership.

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