11:30-15:30 CET (Brussels time zone)

Sustainable Corporate Governance & Excellence

By Dr. Alexandros Antonaras (Associate Professor of Management, Vice President of Student Services, University of Nicosia)

Location: Online

  • Dr. Alexandros Antonaras

    Dr. Alexandros Antonaras

    Associate Professor of Management and Vice President of Student Services, University of Nicosia

Learning objectives/outcomes:

  • Explain the relationship between Corporate Ethics, Corporate Governance and Sustainability
  • Understand the importance of dealing with Sustainability and ESG criteria at the Board level
  • Be aware of the recent Sustainable Corporate Governance initiatives at European level
  • Learn how to build a sustainable board
  • Be familiar with good practices and trends in Sustainable Corporate Governance
  • Understand the Framework for Sustainable Excellence


  • Corporate Governance at a Glance
  • Board of Directors and Sustainability / ESG
  • Sustainable Corporate Governance

– Due Diligence on the Supply Chain

– Fighting corruption and the role of the Boards / ISO37001

– Roadmap to Build Sustainable Corporate Governance

  • Framework for Sustainable Excellence

– The road to success: Direction – Execution – Results

– Linking the “G” (Governance) with the “S” (Society)

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