12:00-15:00 CET (Brussels time zone)

Sustainable Corporate Governance

By Dr. Alexandros Antonaras (Vice President of Student Services and Associate Professor of Management, University of Nicosia)

Location: Online


To introduce sustainability related issues within corporate governance structures, in the context of “Sustainable Corporate Governance – A European Commission Initiative”.

Learning objectives / outcomes:

  • Identify the firm specific sustainability challenges to be introduced in its corporate governance.
  • Develop a business oriented action plan supporting the introduction of sustainability related issues within a firm’s corporate governance.


  • Corporate Governance fundamentals
  • Sustainability boards (Committees, etc)
  • How to establish / What are the key criteria that should be considered in selection / Roles / Functions / Executives or non-, etc.
  • What are the tasks will be undertaken by the Committee and what are the mechanisms of monitoring progress and achievement of time bounded goals, what are the evaluation / compensation systems…

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