Dr. Anne Touboulic

Associate Professor in Operations Management, Deputy Chair, Social Environmental Responsibility Group, PRME Lead, Nottingham University Business School

I have an interdisciplinary background and my research is inherently boundary-spanning. I am currently involved in several research projects, investigating different facets of the sustainable development agenda and its implications on organisational practices, specifically at operational and supply chain levels. My approach to research is very much forward-looking and critical, seeking to drive practice and make an impact for positive change. I have expertise in action research, critical discourse analysis and qualitative research more broadly, using a wide variety of methods such as reflective interviews and participatory workshops.

My research interests lie at the intersection of sustainable development, organisational and critical theory, and supply chain management with a primary focus on driving change towards more ecologically resilient and socially equitable production and consumption networks. Most of my research focuses on the transition to sustainable food systems.

I am particularly interested in the links between micro-individual behaviours and inter-organisational practices for sustainability. I have a particular interest in the food and agriculural sectors but have conducted research in other areas such as healhtcare.

I am also passionate about engaged and innovative approaches to research, which enable collaborating with stakeholders and changing practice.

At the University of Nottingham I sit on the leadership team of the Future Food Beacon of Excellence, an interdisciplinary and university-wide centre looking at the transition to sustainable food systems. Within the Business School, I am the Principles for Responsible Management Education Lead.

I am Associate Editor for the Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management and for the open access journal M@n@gement. I am also a member of the executive committee of the EurOMA Forum on Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management.

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