Mr. Dimitris Papastergiou

Mayor of Trikala, President of Greek Union of Municipalities

I was born in Trikala, in 1973. I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering in Polytechnic School of Athens by choice and because of my love for electronics, programming and broadcasting. Ι have also designed and constructed several energy projects, in the private sector.

I believe that the road of participation in social life is one-way road, if we want to change our lives. That’s why since the age of 29, I got involved with municipal projects and initiatives, from various offices.

In 2014 and 2019, as head of the political party “Restart Now”, Ι was elected Mayor of Trikala. In additional, in 2019 I was honored by the Mayors of Greece, who they elected me as President of the Union of Mayors of Greece (KEDE).

Watersheds in serving local government are the initiatives for the Trikala city branding, the development of a smart city in Trikala, the implementation of the non-smoking law, the handling of the refugee situation, and the modification of our mentality.

My goal is to develop real smart and sustainable cities, within strong and modern Municipalities

I am married to civil engineer Soula Braki and our family is lovely with three kids.

I commute by bike, because it’s a way of life.

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