Mr. Fotis Kourmousis

Special Secretary for Private Debt Management (NPL), Ministry of Finance & Board Member, Hellenic Development Bank

Responsible for legislation and projects aiming at reducing Bank debts (non performing loans – NPL) as well as Tax & Social Security arrears.

Reports to the Minister of Finance.

Major projects include creation:
1. debt restructuring schemes for new insolvency framework
2. out-of-court workout mechanism for business debts
3. mortgage & business loans settlement & subsidy schemes
4. country-wide network of 50 Offices for Informing & Supporting Debtors.

In 2016 coordinated NPL advisory team at Ministry of Economy & Development.

2012-2015 advisor at Ministry of Finance, for tax administration issues. Deputy Coordinator of the National Committee for Trade Facilitation, cooperating with WTO and UNECE.

Prior to that, worked since 1998:

A. in the public sector as an advisor:
* United Nations Development Programme for sustainable development issues
* European Environment Agency for environmental issues
* Ministry of Agriculture, as a member of the Greek EU Presidency 2002 Team
* Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change
* Ministry for Development, Competitiveness & Shipping promoting EU funds and private investments.

B. in the private sector as a management consultant to:
* large companies (banks, industries) integrating Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development (CSR & SD: environment, health – safety, human – labor rights) into their business strategy.
* SMEs applying international standards (management systems, certifications, quality – ISO) & utilizing EU funds.

Elected President (2009-2011), Board of Union Environmental Scientists. Provided advisory work to UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative, promoting sustainable finance in the banking and insurance sectors. Co-founder & President of Academy for Environment, CSR & SD, a non-profit organization promoting these issues in Greece, through training & awareness actions.
ISO Auditor for international certification bodies.

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