Mr. Thanos Belalidis

Sustainability Implementation & Communication Specialist, Sympraxis

Thanos Belalidis is an accomplished Sustainability and Sustainability Communication Specialist, with 30 years of experience and a portfolio of about 375 projects, in Greece and another 15 countries.

Ηe is a founding member of Sympraxis Team, an agency with 17 years of experience in planning, implementing and communicating Sustainability and Social Contribution projects.  Sympraxis has supported more than 500 initiatives, worth more than 30.000.000€, for about 100 businesses, dozens of foundations, the European Commission and other accredited institutions. Thanos is particularly proud for his contributions to projects such as: The “school that you want” initiative, renovating schools, on behalf of Coca Cola 3Ε. The installation of a recycling program for OTE COSMOTE (Deutsche Telecom Group) used by 10.000 company employees. The “Some forests have their own aura” campaign, reforesting Greek mountains (the overall campaign results exceed 75.000 trees), supported by the AVRA spring water brand. The “” campaign for the United Nations Refugee Agency, the first initiative of its kind in Greece. The coordination of the 27th International Symposium of Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation, for more than 700 participants from about 90 countries.

Thanos is comfortable with working in multinational projects. He has provided services for projects in countries such Costa Rica, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, the UK and the US. As a volunteer, employee and board member he has served national and international NGOs such as Amnesty International, GREENPEACE and his all-time favorite, ARCHELON, the Sea Turtle Protection Society.

As a public speaker Thanos has presented for more than 20.000 people in events such as TEDx, Sustainable Brands and the International Fundraising Conference and corporations such as Mondelez, MERCK and TUI. He has also presented in Institutions such as the Universities of Copenhagen, Villabajo and Crete. His interviews have appeared in media such as Frankfurt Allgemeine, the Sunday Times, the National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

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