Committees of the CSR School

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of the CSR School comprises senior academics with excellence in the fields explored, who are responsible for the development of the Curriculum and the choice of subjects to be analyzed through case studies during the webinars.

Chair of the Scientific Committee:

  • Dr. Constantine Manasakis (Assistant Professor, University of Crete)

Members (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Alexandros Antonaras (Associate Professor and Vice President of Student Services, University of Nicosia)
  • Dr. Pavlos A. Vlachos (Associate Professor, ALBA Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece)

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the CSR School comprises senior practitioners in the fields explored who are in charge of planning, communicating, networking with industry, evaluating and promoting the prestige of the School.

Chair of the Organizing Committee:

  •  Ms. Maria Alexiou (Chair of BoD, CSR HELLAS & BoD member, GCNH / ESG Senior Advisor, TITAN Cement Company S.A.)

Members (in alphabetical order):

  • Ms. Rania Assariotaki (Senior Manager, Sustainability, Office of Public Affairs, The American College of Greece)
  • Ms. Claudia Carydis (Vice President, Public Affairs, The American College of Greece)
  • Mr. Dimitris Danilatos (Executive Advisor to the BoD, CSR HELLAS)
  • Mr. Alexandros Kostopoulos (Business Development Manager, CSR HELLAS / BoD Member, CSR Europe)
  • Ms. Ariadne Stagkou-Bell (CSR & Communication Specialist, CSR HELLAS)

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