CSR HELLAS was founded in 2000 for the promotion and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the strategies and operations of Greek businesses and organizations, regardless of size or sector. We belong to the wider European Network of CSR Europe that consists of 38 National Partner Organizations and over 10.000 corporate members and operates with a shared mission and vision (2030 Agenda).

Today, we are a dynamic group of more than 150 Greek businesses and business organizations that act as leaders in the implementation of new and innovative entrepreneurial practices, contributing to sustainable development and value creation for all shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, the local community and the environment, as well as the national economy and society at large. Our collaboration aims at reshaping the economic model and reinforcing the long-term competitiveness of businesses, with sustainability and healthy profitability as their axis.

Our goals and priorities revolve around three core areas of action: providing systematic and up-to-date information and consultation, contributing to the development of skills and know-how and reinforcing collective action and partnership. To that end, we have developed a broad range of informative, educational, capacity-building and maturity integration assessment tools, accessible and frequently utilized by our corporate members to ensure that we all progress together towards a more sustainable future.

Alongside these tools, we also undertake a large array of diverse initiatives with the direct involvement of our members. One such flagship initiative is the CSR-School, the executive training programme focusing on the major thematic areas relating to responsibility and sustainability on the national, European and global stage, implemented for 4 consecutive years through our collaboration with academic institutions and organizations from the private and public sector.

Through these initiatives and tools, we consistently strive to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), being the first organization in Greece to adopt them both in theory and practice when they were introduced by the United Nations in 2015.

Stay up to date about our most recent initiatives through the CSR HELLAS Website, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook pages.


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