12:30-15:30 CET (Brussels time zone)

Climate Change & Environmental Management

By tbc (Associate Professor in Energy Policy & Management, National Technical University of Athens)

Location: Online

  • To Be Confirmed

    To Be Confirmed

    Associate Professor of Finance and Quantitative Methods, ALBA Business School


To highlight the shared value from the sustainable use of resources and identify the business opportunities related to low-emission technologies, sustainable products and services.

Learning objectives / outcomes:

  • Highlight the value from transforming the economy towards climate neutrality.
  • Introduce climate change within corporate risk management.
  • Identify and introduce emissions related material issues within a CSR strategy.
  • Identify a corporate portfolio with transformations, tools and investments, from a decarbonization point of view, towards increasing energy efficiency at the lowest possible cost.
  • Development of an action plan addressing the relevant material issues, transformations, tools and investments (identify the relevant goals and objectives; create a plan for how to achieve them; implement the proper transformations; evaluate the performance).


  • Energy and Climate Change.
  • Energy efficiency First Principle.
  • Energy and Sustainable Financing: A key pillar towards Climate Neutrality (EU Taxonomy, ESG).
  • Sustainable Energy Financing tools and methods: DEEP and triple database, Triple A toolbox.
  • Energy Efficiency Case Studies and Example.

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